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Just in case you missed this part on my homepage, here it is again, 'cause it's important... 

I want you to come to your session as your true self(ves),  because we all look our best when we feel like ourselves. I draw inspiration from my clients and their feelings and interests, and want to capture the real you, so let me get to know & see you!
Tell me about yourself, your story, what you like, what you hate, what you like to do and where you like to go - tell me anything you want to tell me so we can not only get photos that truly show YOU, but also give you a fun and memorable experience. 

Everyone's story is different. Everyone's story is important.
I'd love to help preserve a bit of your story for you!


I know getting pictures done isn't nearly as easy as it should be - there are outfits to coordinate, schedules to work around, and so many little choices to be made - and let's not talk about getting everyone to cooperate. Throw in the fact that maybe it's been forever since you've been in front of the camera, or work has been stressing you out, and/or or the fact that your spouse/kids/pets HATE getting their pictures taken and it takes no time at all for it to feel like a whole lot of work and stress "just for some pictures."

But they're not just pictures.

Years later down the road, you or your kids or your grandkids will eventually come across these pictures and get to see a moment stopped in time. A moment only captured because you guys decided "let's just do it" and let yourselves be the center of attention so you can have these beautiful moments to look back at someday, and beautiful memories of being with family getting the images taken.

When you book a session or an event with me, you can expect to have someone to bounce ideas off of, work comfortably with, and be as hands-on OR hands-off as you would like for planning and posing. My style is very laid back and I like to make sure that everyone is comfortable and themselves. I know that photos can be nerve-racking and feel strange sometimes so I really strive to make everyone feel relaxed with me and make it a fun and easy going experience.  I love taking pictures and capturing moments for you to see them how I see them. I love giving you back a memory that you can look back at for years to come and be transported, if even just for a second, to the moment you're looking at from so many days before.

Whether you just feel like you aren't photogenic and are too awkward for photos, or you're worried about your kids acting up at the session, or you just don't feel comfortable "posing" - do not let it stop you from setting up a session to take photos that will be cherished for lifetimes! I focus on making my clients of all ages, styles, sizes, and backgrounds look and feel their best at their session so we can get the best photos possible. If that means chatting with your toddler to let them warm up to me, or making fun of myself to make a teenager smile, talking to you and your spouse about your first date to get you guys relaxed, or even chasing your kids around to get awesome candid shots then I am still 100% on board.

My sessions include a set range of time along with a set number of final image files along with collections to be added to your session - all final images are to be sent through an online gallery.  After we meet for our session and I take the photos, I will send you a link to a proofing gallery of the images that turned out from the session; usually it is 5-7 business days later or less. In this proofing gallery, you'll be able to choose your final images (however many come with your selected package + collection), and have the option to add on more. I decided to allow my clients to choose their images because I want you to end up with your favorites, not just mine.


Then you don't need to! You're always able to add-on the full gallery - that means that you'll get EVERY image from your proofing gallery lightly edited for a highly discounted rate! (99% of the time your proofing gallery will have around 100-150 photos in it, sometimes even more for the longer sessions because I have no self control when photographing, lol!)

After our session, there is no pressure to purchase anything additional to your chosen package and collection, but if you are anything like me and want all the things, you're welcome to add-on extras to your package or even buy out the whole gallery with a personal print release! Once you have your final gallery, then you're also able to place an order for professional quality prints, canvases, metal prints, albums, invites, and more wonderful print item options! 

I hope to hear from you about your photography and/or design needs!

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